Pyrean Series

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Empaths #1

Aurelia Garmenti takes revenge on her tormentor, Dimitri Belosov, the governor’s nephew, by murdering him. Her choice of weapon was her mind. Immediately thereafter, she flees the domes of Pyre and seeks safety aboard the JOS, the Pyrean space station.

The governor of the domes, Markos Andropov, is desperate to have Aurelia apprehended and returned downside before she can reveal his sordid secret. Aurelia lived her entire life imprisoned in the governor’s house with her sister and mother, who Markos kidnapped from the JOS seventeen years ago.

If Markos’ crimes weren’t dastardly enough, he’s broken a nearly century-old agreement. Negotiated after a series of abuses against empaths by the downsiders, the agreement decreed that sensitives, such as Aurelia, would never travel or reside downside. All the hitherto known empaths resided on the old colony ship, the Honora Belle, under the protection of the most powerful sensitive, Harbour.

The delicate balance of power that exists between Pyre’s leaders is thrown into chaos, as the leaders fight for dominance, and Aurelia is the pawn that the players wish to possess. At odds are the governor and family heads, who reside downside; the commandant, who holds sway over the station; Harbour, who presides over the Belle’s residents; and the miners, known as spacers, who are an independent-minded group.