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Hello and thank you for visiting my web site! I'll be updating this site with information on my novels—production progress, publishing dates, and cover art. If you would like to be kept abreast of these announcements, feel free to register your email with me. The books are available for purchase on Amazon in e-book and softcover editions. The audiobook formats follow the books' publishing dates by months ... please be patient for these.

The Silver Ships is a series of full-length, science fiction novels that explore first contacts between the descendants of two Earth colony ships, which landed on their separate planets, over 700 years ago, and the alien worlds they investigate. Read an excerpt from The Silver Ships, Libre, Méridien, Haraken, Sol, Espero, Allora, Celus-5, Omnia, Vinium, Nua'll, and Artifice.




The Pyreans are the descendants of a third Earth colony ship. They established a base on a volcanically active planet, Pyre, whose unstable geology accurately reflects the political climate. Into this explosive mixture is thrown the murder of the governor's nephew by an empath. Read an excerpt from Empaths, Messinants, and Jatouche.