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Veklocks #4

A triumvirate of Veklocks, emissaries of the Tsargit, the alliance ruling council, negotiates with Harbour and Jessie for critical projects the Pyreans need. But it’s possible that they ask for too much in return.

The Veklocks require the Pyreans explore the extent of the Colony’s usurpation of domes. The Pyreans already lost one member of their team on their first time out. The Colony, composed of two species, the reds and the grays, are an aggressive species that lives for the expansion of their race.

Harbour and Jessie have an opportunity to demand a high price from the Tsargit through their negotiations with the Veklocks, but will it be worth the risk to their team to bring back the information the council demands.

The Pyreans are adamant about a condition the Veklocks are reticent to grant. Jessie wants improved weapons with which to face the three and five-meter long insectoids with their venomous pincers.

After negotiations are concluded, Harbour and Jessie are shocked to learn that the Tsargit council is not to be trusted. The council uses the Veklocks as intermediaries so that they might later deny various aspects of the agreement as having not been fulfilled.

Before the journey to encounter the Colony, Harbour requests a plebiscite to restore the original conditions of government. If passed and the downsiders lose the subsequent elections, it could spell the end of their power. Dorelyn Gaylan, leader of the downsiders’ council, is determined not to let that happen.

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