Gate Ghosts Series

Author's Note:

The Earthers' saga, which began with the intertwined series of The Silver Shps and Pyreans, continues in Gate Ghosts and details the colonists of the Con-Fed's colony ship, Destiny. Readng the previous two series will allow a reader to get the most out of this new series.

Axis Crossing, a Gate Ghosts novel

Axis Crossing #1

The descendants of a fourth Earth colony ship, Destiny, successfully establish a foothold in unoccupied space. Naiad, the home world, is a frozen ball, but the colonists persevere and expand through wormholes to remote systems.

Navigating the time-space anomalies requires Axis-ships...

Full description. Read an excerpt from Axis Crossing.

Clone Crisis, a Gate Ghosts Novel

Clone Crisis #2

The Sisterhood’s dangerous militarist sect finds a foothold in a broad swath of space inhabited by the descendants of Earth’s fourth colony ship, Destiny. They’re welcomed by corporations, whose leaders see unbridled opportunity in the sisters’ advanced tech.

Five powerful corporations own six mining planets. One company ...

Full description. Read an excerpt from Clone Crisis.