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The Journey of a Life Time ...

I’ve been enamored with fiction novels since the age of thirteen and long been a fan of great storytellers. I’ve lived in several countries overseas and in many of the US states, including Illinois, where I met my wonderful wife. My careers have spanned a variety of industries in the visual and scientific fields of photography, biology, film/video, software, and information technology (IT).

My first attempt at a novel, which I’ve recently retitled The Florentine, was a crime drama centered on the modern-day surfacing of a 110-carat yellow diamond lost during the French Revolution. In 1980, in preparation for the book, I spent two wonderful weeks researching the Brazilian people, their language, and the religious customs of Candomblé. The day I returned from Rio de Janeiro, I had my first date with my wife-to-be, Peggy Giels.

In the past, I’ve outlined dozens of novels, but a busy career limited my efforts to complete any of them. In early 2014, I chose to devote my efforts to writing fulltime. My first novel, The Silver Ships, was released in February 2015. The series, with the release of Vinium, numbers ten.

The new series, the Pyreans, relates the tale of a third Earth colony ship and gives readers an opportunity to follow new characters, who struggle to overcome the obstacles of a world tortured by

geologic upheaval. Humans are divided into camps — downsiders, stationers, spacers, and the Belle’s inhabitants of empaths and the discarded.

My deep appreciation goes out to the many readers who embraced the Silver Ships and the Pyrean series and their characters. Thank you!


The Silver Ships Softbook

The Silver Ships Series

This was my most recent attempt at a novel, which happened to be a science fiction story. The Silver Ships began development in 2012. It took me a year to discover the best way for me to develop the trilogy I conceived. I tried hand-written notes, index cards pinned to the wall, and Dragon Speaking software to dictate the outline and compose the novel.

In November 2013, I created a series of cross-indexed documents in Word 2010—a plot outline, the characters and backgrounds, and the objects, which listed the stars, planets, colonies, technical items and common goods. After that, the process flowed, and I added Excel documents for the velocity and distance calculations.

I had to put down my trusty, 2007 Kindle (I was an early adopter), which was used to read nearly 600 novels, because I couldn't focus on anything other than my own writing.

If you wish to know more about my writing efforts, feel free to follow me on my blog. I welcome your comments and questions. Thank you!