Gate Ghosts Series

Author's Note:

The Earthers' saga, which began with the intertwined series of The Silver Ships and Pyreans, continues in Gate Ghosts and details the colonists of the Con-Fed's colony ship, Destiny. Reading the previous two series will allow a reader to get the most out of this new series.

Axis Crossing, a Gate Ghosts novel

Axis Crossing #1

The descendants of a fourth Earth colony ship, Destiny, successfully establish a foothold in unoccupied space. Naiad, the home world, is a frozen ball, but the colonists persevere and expand through wormholes to remote systems.

Navigating the time-space anomalies requires Axis-ships...

Full description. Read an excerpt from Axis Crossing.


Race Rivalry, a Gate Ghosts novel

Race Rivalry #3

The sisters’ leader, Miriamal, and three mining chairpersons investigate an unexplored wormhole for possible economic expansion. Aboard the Dominance, they exit the wormhole and are stunned to find the nearby system inhabited. More troubling, technologically advanced warships hold station above the system’s ...

Full description. Read an excerpt from Race Rivalry.


Dual Domains, a Gate Ghosts novel

Dual Domains #5

The Queller race has lived for millennia in isolation. However, a secret kept by the Queller senior elder and a few associates drives the elder to make contact with another race. Little do the Quellers know that they send a QASAP ship, an autonomous search ship, to engage the conclave.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Dual Domains.


Deadly Gambits, a Gate Ghosts novel

Deadly Gambits #7

Escalation is the watchword for the dangerous contest between the Imperium and the conclave. Executors seek the means to push the conclave out of the empire, and desperate measures are taken to design and construct new ships, which are armed with a terrible weapon.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Deadly Gambits.


Chaotic Futures, a Gate Ghosts novel

Chaotic Futures #9

Cremsylon and his companions visited the center of the Imperium Empire. That provided an opportunity for Kreus, the first Krackus SADE, to contact the Imperium governor, an AI who controls the planet’s communications. It’s also the repository for the empire’s critical data.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Chaotic Futures.


Perilous Choices, a Gate Ghosts novel

Perilous Choices #11

Opportunity is presented to Admiral Cordelia. Imperium’s Presiding Executor Gaketork sends emissaries to establish communications with her, and she responds by installing a comm system aboard the executor’s transport.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Perilous Choices.


Fatal Flaws, a Gate Ghosts novel

Fatal Flaws #13

Admiral Cordelia prosecutes multiple Krackus territories simultaneously with Trident squadrons. However, the success of the Liberation and its Trident escorts to clear territories comes to an end with the loss of multiple warships in a furious engagement against a capable Krackus fleet imperator.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Fatal Flaws.

Clone Crisis, a Gate Ghosts Novel

Clone Crisis #2

The Sisterhood’s dangerous militarist sect finds a foothold in a broad swath of space inhabited by the descendants of Earth’s fourth colony ship, Destiny. They’re welcomed by corporations, whose leaders see unbridled opportunity in the sisters’ advanced tech.

Five powerful corporations own six mining planets. One company ...

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Vortex Incursion, a Gate Ghosts Novel

Vortex Incursion #4

Human descendants of the Earth colony ship, Destiny, face incursion into their area of space by a powerful race. The Imperium Empire, which is ruled by the Krackus, is one wormhole away from the humans, and a mining planet, Kilmer, would be the alien race's first contact.

Fear rules the company leader. The Krackus represent danger.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Vortex Incursion.


Alien Intrigue, a Gate Ghosts Novel

Alien Intrigue #6

The Imperium executors are incensed. They thought to expel the empire’s invaders in a massive onslaught of powerful battleship fleets, the peacekeepers, but the attack failed miserably. Blame is tossed among the assembly. The primary antagonist of the presiding executor, Dakargk, sees an opportunity to oust the leader, Rebtar.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Alien Intrigue.


Allied Enemies, a Gate Ghosts Novel

Alien Intrigue #8

Tensions escalate across the Imperium Empire. Dwerves hunt for new Krackus worlds to raid. The Imperium executors hope to put an end to the huge armed ship’s rampage, and they delegate the duty to those imperators with the most experience against the empire’s invaders.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Allied Enemies.


Empire Turmoil, a Gate Ghosts Novel

Empire Turmoil #10

Imperium executors face daunting pressures to control their territories. The assembly’s election of a presiding executor upsets the body’s balance of power. A moderate, Gaketork, wins the election unseating Rebtar. As required by Imperium law, Rebtar is forced to trade territories with Gaketork.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Empire Turmoil.


Dubious Risks, a Gate Ghosts Novel

Dubious Risks #12

Conclave continually pressures the Imperium Empire by ousting peacekeepers and Radag mercenaries from imperial territories. This interdicts resources bound for Krackus worlds from the suborned races and exacerbates Imperium distribution protocols.

Full description. Read an excerpt from Dubious Risks.