Gate Ghosts Series

Deadly Gambits, a Gate Ghosts Novel

Deadly Gambits #7

Escalation is the watchword for the dangerous contest between the Imperium and the conclave. Executors seek the means to push the conclave out of the empire, and desperate measures are taken to design and construct new ships, which are armed with a terrible weapon.

Previously, Karcaton’s best minds created a powerful probe for the Imperium. The test produced more explosive energy than had been calculated. Now the Imperium’s two most dominant executors want probes with even greater destructive capability. Their plan is to catch the conclave fleet unaware and teach the aliens an unforgettable lesson.

At the same time, the conclave’s protectors are dissatisfied with Admiral Cordelia dedicating the entire fleet to the Jumanus system. In the SADEs’ kernels, progress against the empire has stalled, and they press Cordelia to disperse the fleet into Executor Grageth’s territory.

Meanwhile, the Helgart SADEs have identified an unusual energy signature in their dome’s operation. Their further efforts reveal that there are two more anomalies far out from Helgart and on the opposite side of the system from the Helgart-Kilmer anomaly.

The scouts are given a Trident from Commander Tocknicka to investigate the anomalies. While one leads to an area of dead space, the second anomaly presents a surprise. The scouts’ exit from the continuum puts them in the path of Krackus peacekeepers. But the peacekeepers have more to contend with than the conclave’s Trident.

(Read an excerpt from Deadly Gambits, Gate Ghosts #7. Download the Full Glossary.)

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